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Starting with PowerShell v5 on Windows 10, the commands entered in a PowerShell console will be logged by the PSReadline module to a user-scoped ConsoleHost_history.txt file.

Console-less PowerShell sessions, such as the content of PowerShell script or commands execution through the PowerShell ISE, will not be logged in this file.

By default, the ConsoleHost_history.txt file will be located under $env:APPDATA\Microsoft\Windows\PowerShell\PSReadLine\ConsoleHost_history.txt.

Bypassing PSReadline logging is however easy, as it simply requires to unload the PSReadline module (for instance with the Remove-Module PSReadline in an existing PowerShell session).

Information of interest

The ConsoleHost_history.txt file contains the commands entered, with one command per line and no associated timestamps (or any additional metadata). The last entered command execution timestamp can however be deduced using the last write timestamp of the ConsoleHost_history file itself.

By default, only the last 4096 commands are stored.


The ConvertPSHistoryTo-CSV.ps1 PowerShell script (KAPE associated module PowerShell_ConvertPSHistoryTo-CSV) can be used to recursively process the specified directory to aggregate the ConsoleHost_history.txt files in a single CSV output (grouping commands by user).

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