The WebCacheV01.dat database is used by the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge (legacy) web browsers to store browsing history, downloads, cache, and cookies. The database is in the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) database file format.

In addition to browsing history, access to local files, not necessarily through a web browser, are also tracked in the WebCacheV01.dat database.

Information of interest

Access to local files can be identified by the file URI scheme (such as file:///<DRIVE_LETTER>:/folder/file). Note that files accessed on remote webservers may also be using the file URI scheme (usually only as file:// however).

For each entry, the full path to the file or the URL, the timestamp of access, and the visit count will be referenced.


The NirSoft's BrowsingHistoryView (KAPE associated module Nirsoft_BrowsingHistoryView) can be used to parse, among other web browsers artefacts, the WebCacheV01.dat database.


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