Registry subkeys under:

AppSwitched, ShowJumpView, AppBadgeUpdated, AppLaunch, and TrayButtonClicked


Introduced in Windows 10’s version 1903, the FeatureUsage registry key is linked to the Windows Task, storing a number of metrics related to the Task bar usage.

Information of interest

The FeatureUsage registry key has a number of subkeys, holding metrics related to different taskbar operations. A program is added to a subkey upon occurrence of the operation associated with the subkey (switch to focus, jump menu opened, etc.). Each further occurrence of the operation for the given program increments the run count of the program entry.

Each entry, stored as a value under an operation subkey, is composed of the program full path (as the value name) and an operation run count (as the value data). No timestamp of execution / occurrence is available.

The following operation subkeys are populated:

  • AppSwitched: applications brought to focus (application left-clicked on the taskbar).

  • ShowJumpView: applications whose jump menu was opened (application right-clicked on the taskbar).

  • AppBadgeUpdated: applications that had their task bar icon updated (for example for notifications).

  • AppLaunch: applications pinned on the taskbar that have been executed.

  • TrayButtonClicked: clicks on the default taskbar buttons (such as the start button).


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