File: <SYSTEMROOT>\System32\config\SYSTEM

Registry key:

IPv4 endpoint to IPv4 endpoint: v4tov4\tcp subkey.


The PortProxy registry key stores the port forwards configured on the local system using the netsh built-in utility.

Information of interest

The port forwards configured are stored in subkeys under PortProxy depending on their parameters:

  • A first level subkey is based on the IP address source and destination versions (IPv4 or IPv6). The following values are supported by netsh: v4tov4, v4tov6, v6tov4, and v6tov6.

  • A second level subkey is based on the transport layer protocol of the port forward. Only TCP is currently supported by netsh.

Each port forward configuration is then stored as a value under the second level subkey, with the value’s name referencing the local endpoint and the value’s data storing the remote endpoint.

Example for a port forward that redirect connections received on localhost port TCP 4444 to

      Value name:
      Value data:


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