Source host

The following processes are related to RDP activity on the source host:

  • mstsc.exe (<WINDIR>\System32\mstsc.exe): Windows built-in RDP client Microsoft Terminal Server Client. The client can ban launched and the remote server then specified through the graphical interface, or the remote server can be specified directly using the /v: command-line parameter. If the remote server is specified through the command-line, ETW process logging or mstsc’s Jumplists can be leveraged to determine the remote host reached.

Destination host

The following processes are related to RDP activity on the destination host:

  • rdpclip.exe (<WINDIR>\System32\rdpclip.exe): the RDP Clipboard Monitor handles the shared clipboard between the local computer and the remote host. rdpclip is executed every time (after Windows XP / Windows Server 2003) a remote interactive RDP session is established, even if the local clipboard is not shared with the remote host. An execution of rdpclip is thus a sign that a RDP connection was successfully authenticated and established. Even if Network Level Authentication (NLA) is disabled, rdpclip is only executed after a successful authentication.

  • TSTheme.exe (<WINDIR>\System32\TSTheme.exe): the TSTheme Server Module. Starting with Windows 7, TSTheme is executed, similarly to rdpclip, every time an interactive RDP session is successfully established. A new TSTheme instance also appears to be reliably executed upon the session closure.

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