RegistryExplorer / RECmd

RegistryExplorer and RECmd are tools developed by Eric Zimmerman to analyze the Windows registry. RegistryExplorer is a graphical utility to visualize registry hives, while RECmd is command-line tool to parse registry hives to CSV or JSON outputs.

RegistryExplorer can process registry hive files or directly access the registry of the current live system. Additionally, both the RegistryExplorer / RECmd utilities can apply transaction log files, for example ntuser.dat.LOG1, to identify and recover deleted keys / values.

RegistryExplorer implements a number of bookmarks of well-known key to facilitate analysis.

RECmd can search for strings or regex in key and values names, value data, and value slack space, in the specified registry hives directory (processed recursively).

RegistryExplorer and RECmd can use EricZimmerman’s RegistryPlugins to access and parse specific keys. For instance, the UserAssist plugin automatically decode the program names from their ROT13 encoded format.

# Uses the given plugin to parse the specified hive or the hives in the specified directory.
# Registry plugin example: \BatchExamples\RegistryASEPs.reb


A number of KAPE module can execute RECmd with various plugins. The RECmd_AllBatchFiles compound module execute all available RECmd modules.




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