Registry key:


The MountPoints2 registry key references the currently or previously mapped drives (such as the system drive, USB devices, or network shares) mounted by the associated user.

Information of interest

Each drive is represented by a subkey, which is named as either the volume GUID, a letter, or, for network shares, using a specific nomenclature (##<IP | HOSTNAME>#<SHARE_NAME>).

For devices, the volume GUID can be used to retrieve more information on the device from the HKLM\SYSTEM\MountedDevices registry key, including the device / hardware ID (vendor and product name) and instance ID (with the serial number if existing).

This key can be used to determine which user interacted with a given USB device. However entries are not reliably created, so the absence of an entry is not an indicator that the given user didn’t interact with the device.

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